1. In the Module menu, click Stevedoring.
  2. In the Menu bar, click Configuration.


In the Stevedoring module, you can configure the following:

Characteristic Meaning
Obstruction Define an interference to the daily operational flow, for example a ship cannot be discharged when it rains, etc.
Shift Define the current operational shifts, for example day or night shifts.
Reference Define the Reference field.
Operation Define the specific operations for the various operation types.
Location Define the locations for all necessary sites, warehouses, etc. by linking them hierarchically: one stock location (shelf number, height) linked to a warehouse and to a site.
Transport Define the inbound and outbound transport: characteristics, for example CMR number or license plate, and types, for example container or truck.
Product Define products, their characteristics and linked entities.
Lashing material Define the securing equipment used in the operations.
Dangerous goods Define Vlarem and Seveso licenses.
Location restrictions Define location restrictions for certain product groups.