Navigating iTOS

An overview of essential interface items for efficient navigation.


Menu Use
  1. Module menu
  2. Menu bar
  3. Submenu
Navigate through the various iTOS modules and menus.

Task bar

Save your progress and choose actions to perform on orders, order items, transport, etc.

View menu

Browse through different aspects of a context.

Grid menu

Perform actions for one or multiple items in a grid and change the grid settings.

Interface items

Interface item Use
Choose between possible actions such as Add, Edit. The available actions depend on the status and context.
Note: In grids, can be used to lock columns. However, this configuration is temporary. Use the grid settings in the Grid menu to make permanent changes to the grid layout.
Save any changes.
Note: The Save button can appear in a grid view and on the top of a page. First save the progress or changes you made in the grid before saving the progress on the top of the page, otherwise the changes in the grid will be lost.
Add a new element.
Toggle to display information in a grid or in tiles.