Why digitizing is a must for logistics companies

As in all economic sectors, logistics companies are experiencing difficulties in recruiting and retaining talent. The staff shortage, the sharp indexation of wages and the threat of recession will present them with additional challenges starting next year. In this article, we explain why digitization is necessary to tackle these difficulties.

Temse-based software developer iOnLogistics is well placed to shine its light on the digital transition in the logistics world. The company develops a complete, innovative, high-performance and future-oriented solution for logistics companies. In doing so, it helps all actors within logistics to automate and take the step toward greater efficiency and productivity. For the company, it is clear why digitization is so important.


Why digitizing helps to do more...

The entire business world today is betting on automation and digitization. And this is necessary, because in today's digital age, technological innovation is evolving at lightning speed. Developing a well thought-out digitization strategy is therefore essential to remain competitive. This comes at a price for SMEs, but look at it primarily as an investment. Because the benefits of automation go far beyond strengthening your competitiveness. The organization works more efficiently, faster and with fewer errors. You save on time and resources, and gain productivity and customer satisfaction.

...with fewer people

When we talk about digitization, we cannot overlook the human factor. Especially in times when the labor market is struggling with tightness. If your SME wants to attract that one white raven, you will have to market yourself as an attractive employer. Because without doubt, the current generation of job seekers knows all too well why digitalization makes the difference. They are looking for a place where they can perform their tasks efficiently and pleasantly, using contemporary technology. Only then can a logistics company work futureproof. There is, however, an important condition: choose the right package tailored to your activities. The specialists of iOnLogistics will gladly guide and advise you in your choice.

Today and in the future

Attracting people is one thing, keeping them is another. Where in the past several valuable interested job seekers came to every vacancy, the situation is now completely reversed. It is the candidates who choose their employers. Even if you can convince them with a pleasant work atmosphere, they can be enticed by competitors with better (financial or otherwise) terms. Young talent prefers a corporate culture with an eye for sustainability, innovation and digitalization. Or why digitalization is also decisive from the goal of employee retention!

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