What preparations should you make when selecting the right software for your company?


The use of a WMS, ERP system or an Order2Cash tool in a logistics company can provide a huge competitive advantage. The automatic streamlining of your day-to-day processes frees up space for other things and allows you to use resources more efficiently.

However, it is extremely important that the right system is chosen for your company. In other words, a system that perfectly matches your flows and can cover all your activities. If this is not the case, the system will weaken rather than strengthen your company.

A good selection of such a software is therefore very important. Here are some tips that you should take into account in the selection process:

  • Check if all your activities are covered by the system and don't settle for a system that only covers part of your activities
  • Ask for a demo specifically applied to your business cases
  • Ask for a reference visit and dare to speak to the users about the use of the system
  • Check if the future plans of the vendor are in line with yours

With these few tips in mind, you can now start the process of selecting the most suitable software for your company in a well-prepared way.

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