Van Moer Logistics chooses iTOS for logistical automation

Van Moer Logistics is a logistics company that in 30 years has grown from a one-man business to a flourishing and fast-growing company with more than 1000 employees. To manage its complex logistic processes the port company chose iTOS from iOnLogistics. The great flexibility of the software combined with customisation to meet individual needs make all the difference.


Who is Van Moer Logistics?

Van Moer Logistics is a transport and logistics company from Zwijndrecht, founded in 1990. The company realized a turnover of 168 million euros in 2018 with a fleet of 420 trucks and 5 ships. 1,200 employees work for the family business. Besides transport, the company also focuses on the temporary storage of goods and their (re)packaging or labelling.

Because of the phenomenal growth of Van Moer Logistics, the need for smoothly running internal processes is very important. These are steered in the right direction by the open source system iTOS from iOnLogistics. All goods, from pallets to rolls or from food to steel, are logistically supported by the software package which is specifically aimed at logistics companies.

Extensive configuration and customisation

To serve the more than 2,000 customers of the group, Van Moer Logistics has, besides 8 branches in the Port of Antwerp, also branches in Ghent, Vilvoorde and Zellik. Also in Eastern Europe, the group has a foothold thanks to three branches in Romania (Bucharest, Timisoara and Sibiu).

New software implementation

For its warehouse site 1143 in Kallo in the Port of Antwerp, a new software implementation was entered into at the end of 2016. Van Moer Logistics was looking for an ultra configurable tool to manage the site via its ERP/WMS (Enterprise Resource Planning / Warehouse Management System). Customisation was a requirement here in order to provide insight into the entire logistics chain for customers such as Danone and Milcobel: scanning of goods, traceability, location, inventory and invoicing of goods. For this, the software package iTOS from iOnLogistics was once again called upon. Thanks to the package, Van Moer Logistics is able to optimise its operating costs and manage its internal processes as efficiently as possible.

Open database model

One of the requirements of Van Moer Logistics regarding customization was the integration of the current reporting into the software package. Thanks to the open database model of iTOS, this job was easily done.

Today all warehouse activities of Van Moer Logistics run with iTOS. This ensures fully automated logistics, including via scanning. The transport and traceability of goods runs much more smoothly than before. Thanks to the great flexibility of iTOS, Van Moer Logistics is ready for further new developments or integrations that are likely to come if the company continues to develop at the same pace.

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