A look back at 2023 and a look ahead to 2024

The end of 2023 not only marks a year of progress, but also a milestone for iOnLogistics, the company behind the Order-to-Cash tool, iTOS. This system - designed for logistics companies such as 3PL/4PL shippers and terminals - has not only streamlined operational, administrative and financial flows, but also remains an example of continuous evolution in logistics software.

Shaped by experience and insight

With a team steeped in more than 20 years of experience in the bulk and breakbulk sector, iTOS was developed from targeted questions that only insiders could answer. These questions were the driving force behind a software that not only responds to current needs, but also anticipates future requirements.

Refinement and improvement

2023 was a year of success for iOnLogistics and its customers. Existing functionalities were refined and made more user-friendly. Just think of extra views in existing screens, more filters to search for more targeted data and extra invoice layouts that fit seamlessly into daily activities. These adjustments represent an understanding of user needs and optimization of interface interactions.

Expansion of possibilities

New functionalities were also developed. The integration of Pivot into the software has been added to even more reports, allowing users to compile desired report layouts directly in iTOS, without the intervention of external programs such as Excel. This reduced the time investment for report creation and introduced new capabilities for users to create custom report templates. The reworking of the customs module also led to new functionalities. The collaboration with customs authorities resulted in a seamless link between iTOS and customs systems, making the complete follow-up of customs declarations from A to Z possible. This not only means effortless audits but also a high level of transparency and operational certainty for users. The further expansion of the APIs created new possibilities. iTOS can now be integrated even more efficiently with other software and the ability to send invoices from iTOS to customers with one click is a testament to this progressive development.

New concepts

Insights from new customers in 2023 have also contributed to conceptual developments. The integration of a BI tool is an added value to data visualization. The conceptualization of a planning tool and time tracking promises to optimize resource allocation and also provide detailed insight into profit margin per order for 3PL/4PL shippers and terminals.

Vision for 2024

These concepts, set for further development in 2024, reflect not only iOnLogistics' proactive approach to understanding the needs of its customers, but also its continued pursuit of innovation in an industry that is constantly evolving. iTOS is a response to the current market and a progressive force that is shaping the future of logistics.


2024 is ready to write the next chapter in the iOnLogistics story. The above concepts will be deployed for development, together with the further expansion of the APIs and the improvement and refinement of functionalities. The coming year promises to be a fruitful period not only for iOnLogistics, but also for its customers. With continuous innovation and a committed partnership, iTOS continues to set the standard in an industry that never stands still.