Solution tailored to terminals and 3PL/4PL shippers

The logistics software from iOnLogistics is mainly distinguished by its focus on 3PL/4PL shippers and terminals. The high-performance order-to-cash tool takes into account the uniqueness of the companies, making the software tailor-made for them.

An optimal software

With its Order2Cash tool iTOS (TOS stands for Terminal Operating System), iOnLogistics can optimally serve 3PL/4PL shippers for bulk and breakbulk terminals. The software streamlines the entire process, from receiving the order to invoicing. Or in other words: the complete administrative, financial and goods processes.

The growth path of iOnLogistics

In its segment of the market, iOnLogistics can rely on years of experience and therefore a very experienced team. Most employees have been active in the logistics sector for more than 20 years and in the past helped build software for bulk and breakbulk storage and transshipment companies. With this experience and knowledge they were able to develop high-performance software.

In contrast to software, intended for a broader application area, iTOS arose from specific questions. What does the business of bulk and breakbulk storage and transshipment companies look like today? And how will this evolve in the future? They started asking specific questions. The way in which 3PL/4PL shippers and terminals work and which functionalities are required in software to optimize the processes of these companies was therefore taken into account.

Further development

Standing still means going backwards, also in the logistics sector. iTOS was developed completely in-house and this has the great advantage that, if necessary, adjustments can be made immediately. Every quarter the software is provided with updates and improved, new functionalities, inspired by their customers. With this approach they can continue to guarantee customers a high-performance system in the future. She wants to continue their customer-driven approach, which she used since the development of the software, in the future.

Efficient and cost-saving

Some customers initially used a different solution, but eventually switched to iTOS. A decision they will undoubtedly not regret. The user-friendliness factor should not be overlooked. Most customers quickly become familiar with the system, which is not only extremely efficient but also cost-saving. With its Order2Cash tool for complex logistics flows and multi-depot activities, iOnLogistics has clearly filled a gap in the market.

In short, the Order2Cash tool iTOS from iOnLogistics is tailor-made for 3PL/4PL shippers and bulk and breakbulk terminals. Would you like more information about the functionalities? The specialists at iOnLogistics are happy to tell you more about it.