New features in iTOS

iTOS from iOnLogistics is a complete Terminal Operating System (TOS) for logistics companies that streamlines administrative, financial and goods processes. Bulk flows can now also be handled more efficiently and faster with iTOS.


  • Less paperwork

Thanks to iTOS, a link can be made, for example with a weighbridge or accounting, so that everything is digitized and runs more streamlined. The stock is so much more accurate and the paperwork disappears. This results in extra time savings and more operational efficiency.

  • New time registration module

iOnLogistics integrated a time registration module in iTOS. Registered hours are immediately booked. You can immediately check whether the arrived loads are profitable with all further steps. There is thus more insight into the costs and revenues per file.

  • New planning tool

In addition, there is also the integration of a new planning tool. In such a way that schedules can be more easily integrated into the overall whole. With this new tool you have a better view whether the machines (cranes, bulldozers ...) are free or not. It is also easier to estimate how many machines are needed.