New customs module in iTOS

iOnLogistics developed customs module in collaboration with customs

iOnLogistics is a Belgian developer of software aimed at storage and transhipment companies in the bulk and breakbulk sector and logistics service providers. In 2015, iOnLogistics developed iTOS, a new Terminal Operating System, for monitoring and harmonizing all goods flows within a logistics company. Many logistics service providers and bulk and breakbulk terminals are now using the software successfully.

With iTOS you can completely streamline orders up to and including invoicing and this can now also be expanded with the customs module. This module was developed together with Customs and can be fully linked to the Customs software system. Because in addition to monitoring goods flows and operational aspects, customs declarations must also be monitored. That is also possible with the iTOS system.

Customs data and information are correctly exchanged with customs via the new customs module. Users can not only track the numbers of customs documents through the iTOS system, but also receive an update of the customs status of their goods. This way you know at a glance whether the goods are still in transit or have already been cleared.

Incidentally, Customs remains permanently involved in updating the system. Customs rules change quickly, so the iTOS system is always kept up-to-date, always in consultation with customs.

Aligning the internal data flows with the customs system also offers a huge advantage during inspections. The documents are arranged correctly, the files contain the correct numbers and codes and reports look exactly as the customs authorities want them to. It saves time for everyone.

iOnLogistics wants to make the entire chain of customs documentation digital and therefore also included the customs agents in the story. The proprietary middleware provides a simple link between the system of the largest customs agents and the iTOS system, so that the digital chain remains uninterrupted.

The customs module comes on top of the existing logistics software system that allows monitoring of the entire logistics operational, financial and administrative chain within a logistics company. The iTOS system manages the logistics and operational chain from order to automatic invoice. What started as a warehousing system grew into a versatile software package with various modules. The package is aimed at logistics service providers and the bulk and breakbulk sector. For example, it allows to split, regroup or regroup certain parties; something that is not possible with a classic warehousing system (for example for e-commerce companies). Calculating warehouse rent is also very simple in iTOS.

By the way, there are still many future plans at iOnLogistics. We are currently working hard on additional modules and functionalities and an international expansion is also high on the agenda. With the customs module in addition to the other functionalities for streamlining operational, financial and administrative flows, iTOS offers a complete solution for logistics service providers, bulk and breakbulk terminals.