Logistics software iTOS: these functionalities make the difference

iOnLogistics provides innovative and high quality solutions for the management of your warehouse and logistics processes. The iTOS (Terminal Operating System) solution streamlines your administrative, financial and goods processes and optimises your logistics operations. Director operations Guy Van der Veken explains two functionalities of iTOS with which iOnLogistics makes the difference.


Specifically, the VAS and Flexmonster modules

iTOS includes a specific VAS operation to guarantee the traceability of the goods.

Guy Van der Veken: "These are two features that make iTOS relatively unique. VAS stands for Value Added Services. When you provide your customers with added value by bagging, palletising or transferring goods to drums, cans, IBCs, etc., iTOS ensures that the bulk goods are removed from your stocks and that the repacked goods end up in your stock. Unlike a separate loading and unloading for these activities, iTOS includes a specific VAS operation to guarantee the traceability of the goods.

Also for blendings

The VAS module is also useful when you are making blends for your customers. Guy Van der Veken: "iTOS automatically calculates the quantities you need from your different in-products to produce the desired quantities of out-products by predefined recipes. Checks are made automatically during the write off of your stock. With iTOS, your newly made products are easily credited back to your stocks. The VAS tool gives you 100% traceability of your whole stock. Stock differences are automatically highlighted.

iTOS also helps you with your planning so you can see at a glance which customer you need to deliver to and when, and how much out product you need to provide for that. By linking the tariffs to your VAS operations, you can immediately charge them and see how profitable your activities are.

Clear reports and statistics

With Flexmonster, you can pour the quantity of data at your disposal into clear reports and customised statistics in 1, 2, 3.

Guy Van der Veken: "You only select those columns for which you want to see the data and then you set the way in which you want to filter your data. Flexmonster is an ideal way to visualise large data sets." For example, you can very easily request how many kg or pallets you have of a certain product, how certain products arrived in your warehouse, whether certain goods were moved in your warehouse,.... Linked to your financial application, you immediately see an overview of your already drawn up invoices and your rates. Your margins and the profitability of your activities can also be requested in just a few clicks.

You decide which data you want to have visualised and in which way. On the one hand, you have the choice of a classic layout like the flat grid in Excel. Here the data is displayed side by side. On the other hand, you can choose from a dynamic layout, similar to Pivot in Excel, where the data are grouped opposite each other. It is also possible to present the data in a graph of your choice (bar graph, pie chart, ...). The reports can be exported to a PDF, an Excel file,...

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