iTOS: software tailored to the operations of terminals and 3PL/4PL providers

The operations and cargo flows of terminals and 3PL/4PL providers differ greatly from those of other logistics companies and service providers. When they want to engage in digital transition, they often reach for very extensive software. This then includes the functionalities they need, but also a lot of unnecessary ones. iTOS, on the other hand, was developed specifically for them.


Specific sectors require specific software solutions. To develop them, you have to know the sector inside out. Most team members of the Belgian developer iOnLogistics can look back on 20 to 30 years of experience in the logistics sector. Even better: in the past, they helped build software for storage and transshipment companies in bulk and breakbulk. Terminals and 3PL/4PL poviders reap the benefits of their know-how.

The basis and growth path of iTOS

The team used its expertise in the development of iTOS. This is a complete Terminal Operating System (TOS) for logistics companies. The order-to-cash software streamlines administrative, financial and goods processes. Its strength lies in the combination of a high-performance Web-based architecture with integrated modules for all logistics activities, operations and workflows. iOnLogistics continues to upgrade the software. This is always done with the activities of terminals and 3PL/4PL providers in mind. In short, both the base and extensions of iTOS are designed specifically for their way of working, with an eye on maximum efficiency.


A solution tailored for terminals and 3PL/4PL providers

Unlike software intended for a broader scope, iTOS arose from targeted questions. What does the business of storage and handling companies in bulk and breakbulk look like today. And how will this evolve in the future? Only in this way can you continue to assure terminals and 3PL/4PL providers a higher operational efficiency. iTOS distinguishes itself by several interesting functionalities. We are talking about the distinctly flexible reporting, the automatic calculation of warehouse rent, separate operations for Value Added Services, the extensive configuration possibilities of goods and much more. All this leads to reduced error rates, time savings and greatly improved inventory management.

How do 3PL/4PL providers best tackle digitization?

The question today is not so much whether, but how your business will digitize. Those who don't invest in solid software now risk falling hopelessly behind. At the same time, you want to keep your operating budget under control. Therefore, it is important to know what the minimum requirements are to keep your business running. In addition, you also want to determine what is actually redundant. Terminals and 3PL/4PL providers who want to renew their software would do well to carefully map out their activities and flows. Based on that analysis, determine what you need. Remember that with a more generic software with extensive functionality, you pay for a full license, while in practice you only use a small part of it. So a system like iTOS is almost always better, more efficient and budget-friendly.

The iTOS order-to-cash software from iOnLogistics is tailor-made for terminals and 3PL/4PL shippers. Would you like more information about the functionalities? Contact us!