iTOS software enables broad product configuration

Logistics companies, terminals, storage and handling companies process products in various forms (bulk, breakbulk, liquid bulk, pallets...) and with various properties. In this sense, a broad product configuration within the TOS (Terminal Operating System) is important. This allows you to tailor the software maximally to your needs as a user.

iTOS, the order-to-cash software from the Belgian developer iOnLogistics, is a complete system, developed with the needs of the different logistics players in mind. As a user, you extract the elements that are specifically relevant to your activities. That way, the cost price remains limited. The modules can then be further customized, using a broad product configuration, among other things. Once the solution is configured, your organization gains significantly in efficiency and productivity.


Concrete help with product configuration

Depending on your company's specialties, you work with products in bulk and/or breakbulk and/or liquid bulk and/or pallets. You can enter each of these in the product configuration of iTOS. The specialists of iOnLogistics are well versed in the world of logistics. They think along with you, analyze your flows and processes and can give you very specific advice. They help you and your employees get started with entering the configuration. Even in a later phase you can still contact them for concrete guidance. Because the solution was developed to meet the needs of logistics service providers, the product configuration is very logical and intuitive. After training by iOnLogistics, you can run the software package completely independently.

The efficiency of a broad product configuration

It is appropriate to identify your operational activities and needs from the outset. That way you know perfectly which configuration is useful for you. For example, if you bill based on the tonnage you load, include that variable in your product configuration. Besides the weight units (kg or ton), iTOS can take into account different unit measurements. Think of units such as net and gross, the packaging such as bags, big bags, IBCs or drums and the storage means such as pallets. Once configured, the software will automatically fill in how much of each unit is needed when loading or unloading. Error-free and fast.


Pictograms for hazardous goods

Does your company have the necessary environmental permits for the storage of hazardous goods? Then in the product configuration of iTOS you can also specify for certain products that they are dangerous goods, including the values. If you wish, you can also include pictograms with the specifications. Where and when required, the relevant pictogram will automatically appear on the label. The software proves its worth in working efficiently and meeting safety and environmental requirements.

Thanks to the extensive possibilities for product configuration within the iTOS software, you gain in efficiency and productivity as a logistics service provider. Want to know more? Our specialists will be happy to tell you more about it.