iTOS enables seamless communication with your customers

Automation is all about gaining time and efficiency. First of all, by using a variety of systems internally, such as ERP, TMS, YMS, WMS, O2C, and so on. When you also digitize your communication with your customers, you can make additional gains. Besides the well-known functionalities for streamlining warehouses and terminals, the iTOS software offers several possibilities for this.

iTOS, the order-to-cash software from software developer iOnLogistics, aims to meet all the specific needs of 3PL/4PL shippers and terminals. This is not limited to purely functional aspects, such as streamlining and automating operations. The software also includes several features to ensure smooth communication with your customers. Thus, the solution contributes to your service to your customers.


Automatic communication around orders...

Logistics service providers work on behalf of both small and large customers. For the latter, they process numerous orders every week. Many of these companies already have a system in place to streamline their activities. In that case, an EDI link can prove interesting to optimize the communication between iTOS and the customer's system. This allows you to enter orders automatically, without human intervention or the time-consuming sending of confirmation e-mails.

... including confirmation messages

All parties can stay informed about the status of the order at any time, no matter what. The customer can choose at which stage of the order he receives a confirmation email. That starts from the creation of the order to the effective execution and completion of operations. This allows you to respond to the needs of each individual customer. Some customers want to follow orders at every stage down to the last detail, for others a global overview suffices. You can take this into account in iTOS as well.

Communication via customer portal

If you want to take communication with your customers one step further, you can offer a customer portal. Your customers can log in and consult their stocks and follow up orders, without having to communicate via telephone or e-mail every time. Again, the needs of each customer may vary. Both in terms of which data should be visible and how the data should be grouped against each other. Therefore, you can configure this differently in iTOS for each customer so that you can meet your customer's needs 100%.

Flexible reporting

Also in terms of reporting, iTOS is flexible and the software offers a lot of possibilities. Thanks to Flexmonster, the integrated web reporting tool in iTOS, you can configure the reports yourself, completely according to your needs. The tool extracts all data (loads, unloadings, stock, transports, locations...) from the orders entered. Using filters, you can select the desired information and pour it into a customized report. It goes even further: you choose how the data is grouped against each other in the form of Power BI or graphs. Your customers will appreciate this form of targeted communication as well.

Interested in the different functionalities in iTOS for automated communication with your customers? Would you like to know whether the investment in an EDI connection is profitable for your company? Our specialists will be happy to advise you.