Have complete control over logistics reporting from now on with the new functionality Flexmonster in iTOS

A customer expects a different type of logistical reporting than the management. And customer A has other expectations in terms of reporting than customer B. Obviously, it is desirable to meet all these different needs which is not a matter of course. And now this is perfectly possible with Flexmonster.

Flexmonster as part of iTOS

Flexmonster is a new functionality around logistical reporting within iTOS. First of all: what is iTOS? iTOS is logistics software from iOn Logistics that integrates your logistic, administrative and financial processes into 1 central system. The result? More efficiency! It is based on the latest technologies, web-based and you can link various software packages to it.

Order processing, planning, warehouse management, inventory management, picking, invoicing are just the basics within iTOS. There are also various value added services. The list of satisfied customers continues to grow and includes among others Zeeland Sugar Terminal, Van Moer Logistics and Mexico Natie.

Extensive reporting is of course also part of iTOS. And now there is an important new functionality within that logistics reporting: Flexmonster.

Flexmonster to configure reports yourself

Customer A wants a weekly overview of all operations in his mailbox, customer B likes to know the status of their stock. And the management? They expect a clear overview of monthly obstructions. Different expectations when it comes to logistics reporting are probably familiar to you. iOnLogistics wanted to make sure that all these different expectations needs can be fulfilled easily, therefore they developed Flexmonster. Flexmonster is a web reporting tool in iTOS. No more standard reports with missing data or too much data. With Flexmonster the user can configure the reports completely by himself.

As a user you can work with the data that is entered when creating the orders. Information about loading, discharging, stock, transports, locations and so on can be merged into effective reports. Superfluous data? Just filter those out.

Logistical reporting in the format you choose

The reports can be created in various formats. This way, you can select the most suitable format for that specific report. What is possible?

  • A classic layout like in Excel, the flat grid. Ordering, filtering and sorting data are all possible here too;
  • A view similar to Pivot from Excel with which you can display, group and arrange data dynamically;
  • Different chart types like bar charts, pie charts, line charts and so on are possible.

Very handy: whatever format you choose, you can save every report so that you only have to configure it once!

Do you also want to explore the many advantages of Flexmonster for your logistic reporting? Please contact us.