Do you get everything out of your software?

Do you get everything out of your software or do you miss opportunities because you don't know all the possibilities?

The new software has been installed, you have been looking forward to it, unfortunately you do not know all the functionalities. Too bad! Until you have received an education, after which you are overwhelmed by the many possibilities that are included in your package that you were not aware of. A good knowledge of your software is not a superfluous luxury, read how iOnLogistics helps its customers with this with "tailor-made" sessions in function of the profile.

iOnLogistics solutions enjoy a solid reputation in the logistics industry. Efficiency, flexibility and innovation characterize the software for streamlining activities in warehouses and terminals. As a service to customers, the company offers tips & tricks for making optimal use of the possibilities in iTOS. By further deepening the employees' knowledge, they learn to make optimal use of the software with the new functionalities. It certainly pays off to offer your employees such a refresher on a regular basis. Your company can only benefit from regular software training.

Go for tailor-made software training

In addition to performing, the iOnLogistics software is very user-friendly. During the implementation, the company trains the customer well. However, it sometimes appears that certain employees (eg new employees) are not well informed about the operation of the system. Too bad, because as a customer you miss out on opportunities to automate your flows optimally. Therefore, have all your employees who will use the program (and later also new people in the company) follow software training courses at the start, and afterwards as a refresher and/or further refinement of knowledge.

Knowledge brings profit

The better the people in your company know about the program, the more return you get from your investment. Admittedly, certain flows can be processed in different ways, but what is the most efficient way for your company? That is why software training after the implementation of new programs or even with existing software is not an unnecessary luxury. The purpose of digitization is to automate and avoid errors. So it is important to involve everyone who uses iTOS. This allows you to optimize operating costs and maximize operational efficiency. In that sense, these training courses are actually self-evident. This way your employees not only know how to use the software effectively, but at the same time they stay informed about the upgrades with possible improvements.

A flexible range of software training courses

iOnLogistics provides tailor-made software training. Customers can indicate themselves in which areas they feel the need for training. The iOnLogistics team comes to the customer's site. This ensures a practical approach and no time is lost with unnecessary travel. At the request of the customer, online assistance is of course also possible. There is also the option of thoroughly training and retraining a few people within the company, after which they can further spread the know-how within the organization. The offer is flexible, efficiency assured.