Configure tariffs according to your logistics activities and invoice flawlessly with iTOS

Logistics service providers and terminals bill their customers for the operations they perform for them. Companies such as providers and terminals therefore particularly benefit from order-driven software. In it, you can configure tariffs and link them to various parameters for each operation. With iTOS, you thus generate invoices for all your operations quickly and error-free.

When developing its high-performance order-to-cash platform iTOS, iOnLogistics started from the practices on the workfloor. The Temse-based software company took the daily operations of 3PL/4PL providers and terminals as its starting point, taking every detail into account. With years of know-how of the logistics sector as an additional asset, it created a complete solution for logistics service providers. Among other things, this allows you to configure tariffs very efficiently and invoice your executed works directly.


The importance of rate configuration

Many classical economic players trade goods, which they sell with a certain profit margin. This is different for logistics service providers. Customers compensate providers and terminals based on their operations, regardless of the intrinsic value of the product. In other words, logistics service providers need a system, which streamlines and monitors their activities (loading, unloading, storage, value added services...). iTOS fully meets this need and also generates invoices based on the operational data.

Linking different parameters

As already mentioned, since iTOS was designed for 3PL/4PL providers and terminals, much attention was paid to the tariff configuration aspect. You can link very different parameters to the different tariffs. This is done according to a logical and intuitive selection menu. You select the type of operation and can then fine-tune. Which customer is involved, which tariffs have been agreed for the current period, what is the tariff unit (tons, pieces...)? Where necessary, you can further specify, such as charging an additional operational cost for handling a specific product, etc.

The power of order-driven software

Once again, it is clear where order-driven software like iTOS makes the difference with more generic solutions in terms of speed and efficiency. The system seamlessly adapts to the customer and its operations, not the other way around. Since orders determine the turnover (and associated activities) of providers and terminals, this aspect is decisive. You configure the tariffs once thoroughly, after which everything runs quickly and flawlessly. After closing an order, the software automatically generates turnover lines with the amounts due. You can transfer these lines directly to an invoice and book them immediately in iTOS. Different filters and layouts are also available here, so that you create invoices according to the desires of each customer: per period, per operation, per order, per rate description, etc. You can also group the content of the invoices in different ways: per order, per operation or per tariff description.

Configuring products and rates is an important aspect of software for providers and terminals. In iTOS you have far-reaching possibilities. Want to know more about this order-to-cash software? Feel free to contact us.