Choosing software: which WMS, ERP or O2C system is right for your business?

There are numerous developers offering software for logistics service providers. Each system has its own strengths, but also its limitations. That doesn't make choosing the right software any easier for 3PL/4PL providers and terminals. The specialists at iOnLogistics will help you get started with some concrete tips.

Choosing the ideal software is important for the future of your SME. The logistics sector encompasses diverse fields, each with specific requirements. iOnLogistics was literally born and raised in the niche of logistics services. The Belgian software developer aligned its order-to-cash (O2C) iTOS software integrally with the day-to-day business of 3PL/4PL shippers and terminals. The company is therefore well positioned to advise you.


Why is choosing WMS, ERP or O2C software so important?

Just about all economic sectors are currently going through the digital transition. Automating and digitizing is very important to remain competitive in the future. Also for your SME. This requires the necessary investments, and so you want to choose the optimal software right away. In other words, a high-performance system that meets your specific requirements. The activities of logistics companies are sometimes so diverse that there is no one-size-fits-all solution available. So how do you find out which systems fit your organization seamlessly and which have certain shortcomings? The roadmap below can provide a handy guide to selecting the right tools.

Choosing software in 7 steps

  1. Appoint a project manager. Many business leaders underestimate how intensive and time-consuming the process of choosing software can be. Therefore, it is a good idea to appoint a project manager and give him/her enough time to complete this project successfully. Internal people are preferable to external specialists, who do not know the ins and outs of the SME sufficiently well.
  2. Make your needs concrete. Map out the processes and activities of the SME. Ask yourself the right questions: which flows should the software definitely streamline. If you are already using a system, see what is or is not working well and what could be improved.
  3. What does your future look like? We live in a rapidly changing world. So also think about your goals and needs in the future. That way, you avoid that the new system will soon be outdated and unable to keep up with your growth.
  4. Make an RFQ (Request For Quotation). Provide potential vendors with a checklist of project specifications that they must demonstrate their system meets.
  5. Ask for a demo. Have potential vendors demonstrate through a demo that their software meets your needs and requirements.
  6. Talk to users. Make a reference visit to an SME with similar operations that is already using the system. That way you will get first-hand information and can ask the users directly about their experiences. About the product, but also about the supplier's services.
  7. Now you can choose the software. Choose your preferred package. But above all, choose a software partner that is willing to think and grow with you. That way you can build a lasting relationship of trust.

The performance of iTOS

If you operate as a 3PL/4PL shipper or terminal, we can make the process of choosing software very easy for you. iTOS, the order-to-cash software from iOnLogistics, is tailor-made for your company. The software takes your specific operations and flows as its starting point and seamlessly covers all your needs.

Would you like to know what iTOS can do for your SME? Don't hesitate to contact our specialists.