Bulk Terminal Zeeland chooses iTOS


iOnLogistics has integrated its software tool iTOS at Bulk Terminal Zeeland. This also allows the smaller terminal to handle their bulk flows more efficiently and faster. It already ensures less administrative overhead.

Thanks to iTOS, a link is made with the weighbridge so that not everything has to be retyped. “Everything is digitized so that the stock is much more accurate,” says Guy Van der Veken. “This way our customer knows which goods are stored in the external or internal warehouses. A link is also made with the accounting (Exact Online), so that everything runs more streamlined. This means that our customer has been relieved of a lot of paperwork. Less administration, thus better follow-up. This leads to extra time savings and more operational efficiency from the moment the goods are unloaded to the moment they are loaded. A more accurate stock follow-up is the result of this.”

At the moment iOnLogistics is integrating another hour registration module, so people can book their hours directly in iTOS, and a new planning tool, so that the schedules, which are currently done manually, can be more easily integrated into the total whole.